• Start and end the day with your chosen routine/method of inspirational or motivational recitation: reading, listening, singing or prayer and meditation.
  • Drink a cup of water or tea in the morning; ensure at least 2-3 litres of fluids a day, preferably water.
  • Daily or weekly exercise programme or 30 minutes walk. Practice deep breathing periodically during the day. Remember your quick invigorating shower.




Find Out More About Diabetes,Take Control And Live Healthier!

Diabetes is a disease condition where the glucose in the blood is abnormally high preventing the body from utilising it for fuel. This accumulates in the blood causing  imbalance in the body chemistry and inefficient insulin action so long as the level of insulin remains high.

There are different types of diabetes but the one we are dealing with here is Type 2 Diabetes. This is seen more in adults mainly caused by too much glucose in the blood which could be due to excessive consumption of carbohydrates and fats or due to inability or  disease of the organ, pancreas to produce the insulin required to convert carbohydrate to the state it can be utilized by the body.

In the UK alone, over 4 millions are diagnosed in a year and over a million are estimated undiagnosed. That makes it a health problem that should not be ignored for any reason.  Get the help you need. The risk is high and the rate at which it can seriously affect other organs is equally high. Early diagnosis, treatment, management, control  of the disease and  the prevention of complications are vital measures that help  overcome the extent of damage diabetes can cause.

The condition can be seen more in overweight individuals than people of normal weight. However, people of normal weight can also have a lot of the visceral fat (known as hidden or killer fats) which may give rise to constantly high level of bad fats(LDL) and glucose in the blood. This state of affairs can predispose to diabetes and other conditions like heart disease, stroke, hypertension, blindness, etc which in many occasions may also be present in diabetics, or as complications.  Awareness, lifestyle review and regular monitoring of the body become very important in the prevention and early control of diabetes.

America is considered the fattest people on earth where about 3o% of the masses have Body Mass Index (BMI) of over 30-54. UK was once reported the fattest in Europe. No wonder there appeared to be increase in Chronic and debilitating diseases including cancer.

Body mass index is a measure used by researchers to study obesity. It works out the size of the body frame and the percentage of body fat the person is carrying. The formula used to work it out is the person’s weight in kilograms divided by height in metres squared.

The speady rise in Africa and Nigeria in particular is reaching epidemic level, reported the Vanguard 23/07/2019. The world Health Organization (WHO) estimates show that about 4 million Nigerians suffer from Diabetes and 4-11% live with the disease. It showed that 1 in 3 develop  complications  of the eyes like retino  myeopathy-a degenerative condition of the eyes and another large percentage have complications of the foot some of which lead to amputations. Also 50% of those with the disease are said to be undiagnosed (vanguardngr.com  of 23/07/ 2019: 56 am). Great concern is expressed in The Nation calling for a change in lifestyle and eating habit cchange.

Signs and symptoms

 With relentless efforts of researchers and increasing desire in people to take control of their health and wellness the picture is fast changing.

A team of reseachers at the Imperial College of London, England studied the MRI machine scan of about 800 people to know where they store their fat. They found that those who maintained their weight through diet alone were more likely to have deposits of fats in their internal organs.

Another group of researchers found that energetic exercise can get rid of visceral fat, and that the higher the intensity the faster to lose the viscera fat (belly fat) (Dr. Cris Slentz).

Jordan S. Rubin (author of ‘The Makers Diet for Weight Loss)  devised a program called Functional Interval Training (FIT). The emphasis is on short spurts of intense exercise followed by rest periods which will burn both peripheral (subcutaneous) and visceral fats during and after the work-out.

Recommendation: For the more obvious subcutaneous fat he recommended the following measures:
Have regular check-ups and work with your doctor.

Eat foods from organic sources -more of vegetables, fruits, beans and lentil.,

Stay away from processed high sugary foods and drinks. Exclude sugar from your diet if possible

Reduce your caloric intake-  gradually reduce amount of carbohydrate oils and fats. Eat small frequent meals instead of two or three large ones ensuring less calories.

Increase the fibre (roughage) in your food-helps to curb your appetite and keeps your blood sugar and cholesterol at healthy levels as well as maintains your bowel function. The sources are from fruits and vegetables husks and roughages.

Reduce your intake of salt.

Other sources also prioritise 2 litres of water intake daily to help maintain hydration as well as effectively flush out toxins from the body.

You will find that implementing the above measures will not only help you shed excess weight but will also flush out the visceral fat (the killer fat), return your blood sugar to normal, become trimmer, looking younger and feeling great!

Let us know your thoughts, feelings, questions or share experience in the comment box

Here’s what the professionals say about Diabetes.


How to manage your blood sugar and blood pressure

The complications you must strive to prevent

 Get some resources

Check here for the 60 sec habit that reversed diabetes in about 3weeks.


Do you or someone you love or know have diabetes, this is for you. Diabetes is a health problem that affects many people in our communities.  In fact it is one of the killer diseases. I am not saying this to frighten anyone but instead, it is to be more aware why everyone should  wake up and take control. It is sad to note that some of my younger relations have died of diabetes or its complications. It becomes more imperative and a burden that I should help in addressing the issue and reducing such untimely deaths.  Early diagnosis, treatment, management, control of the disease, and  the prevention of complications are what must be worked on to help  overcome the extent of damage diabetes can cause. Doctors and researchers are still making progress in new discoveries   Check it out here      

   Are you looking for how to prevent, reverse or control diabetes and discover a healthier,  younger new you?

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Hair Loss

It is typical to find some strands of hair on the comb or brush after a routine combing or brushing of the hair. If that amount begins to increase, it should be cause to see the doctor.

People lose hair for many reasons. Deficiencies of some essential nutrients, illness, and medications, like chemotherapy to treat cancer etc, can cause hair loss. Hair loss can also be inherited from a parent. Often, hair thins because it is fine-textured, or because too many harsh chemicals have been used on it.



Developing and maintaining positive and healthy relationships

The way we learned to develop and maintain our relationships with others usually started in our homes. If our parents showed love and respect for each other when we were young, we tended to do the same for our family members. Having had positive interactions there, we took it to school and eventually to the work place and beyond. However, if we never witnessed or learned mutual respect at home, we developed indifference for fellow-human beings. It is therefore no surprise that we never knew how to show or receive love and care. This can lead to other difficulties in life.


Weight Loss

Slim ladyExcessive weight gain is a major problem in the world today. Recent statistics show that Britain is now the fattest country in Europe, and the fifth most overweight in the world (Mail Online 25th September 2010). Obesity ranks high in the causes of chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, etc. It becomes imperative that every effort should be directed to weight control if we are to achieve our goal of health and wellness. There is still no agreement among the doctors as to the best method to loose weight: low carbohydrate or low fat diets. If in doubt discuss with your doctor. I suggest a well balanced low calorie diet with lean healthy meat and sea food, with plenty of vegetables and a little of the simple carbohydrates.


Fruit and vegetables, plus tape measure

For your guide on appropriate weight for your age height and sex, go to


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For a lasting result on weight loss, it is always important to combine the diet program with an exercise routine.

 Some supplements are also great for weight loss programs or for energy and mood boosting:





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