• Start and end the day with your chosen routine/method of inspirational or motivational recitation: reading, listening, singing or prayer and meditation.
  • Drink a cup of water or tea in the morning; ensure at least 2-3 litres of fluids a day, preferably water.
  • Daily or weekly exercise programme or 30 minutes walk. Practice deep breathing periodically during the day. Remember your quick invigorating shower.




Coaching is a process that enables learning and development to take place in the targeted areas of the your life through the guidance, help, assistance or encouragement from the coach. The coach uses his / her specialised knowledge, understanding, skill and techniques to enhance your performance and goal achievement. This is possible when you both engage in a powerful relationship that enables the coach to help you set your achievable goals, and explore action plans to lead to your desired and optimum potentials.

Coaching can also be described as a dialogue between two people (Coach and coachee) with the aim of bringing clarity, solution or life goal achievement

The Coach encourages, supports and empowers you as you seek out the strategies for working out the solution you are looking for, resulting in achieving the specified goal even faster.

The coach helps you to discover life direction and purpose with a motivation and focus to move forward to accomplish.Also,moves you from procrastination to goal achievement, from reactionary to proactive, and from relationship failures to having good understanding of relationships and sphere of influence.

The Coach helps to discover and clarify your values and beliefs and any hidden blockers to your dream; so that you can maximise hidden talents gifts and skills; and ensures congruency in your life’s choices.

The coach is a facilitator, and enabler; an inner voice with whom to connect and engage personally or as a group to work out the transforming solutions.

While engaging in this trusting and awesome partnership or relationship, you are fully responsible to carry out agreed action plans.

Who you are shall be based on your vision of who you want to be. The coach will help you to achieve that..


What are the benefit to you the client?

·        You gain better understanding and empowerment and through the use of the coaches tools you'll become more focused, to commit  purposefully to targeted  actions for effective goal achievement.
·        All possible time wasters are eliminated and Goals are achieved faster.

·        You'll  learn life enhancing strategies that releases to grater and fuller potentials.

·        You'll feel the peace, calm, and happiness fathomed by the sense of achievement, accomplishment and purposeful living.


Who is it for?

Answer: Anybody who desires a change or new direction in life  will benefit from coaching.. One thing with coaching is that it brings you enlightenment that leads to faster success or new open door. It is my mission to assist you to move forward from your stuck positions to  where you desire to be and  with more clarity, focus, motivation and new energy, gets you to where you actually want to be.

Every individual has a purpose for being, which needs to be discovered, pursued and accomplished to enjoy peace and fulfilment.

A visionless and goalless life brings suffering, frustration and failures. It destroys potentials, wastes lives, and leaves people angry and defeated, and to sink into other vile, unhealthy and vicious feelings.

 Does any of these relate to you?

o    Health and wellness challenges: now wants healthy life styles

o    Shed unwanted pounds, Eat right, stop smoking, illegal and unhealthy drug use

o    Get your life work balance right Are you finding it more and more difficult to cope with your work and other life activities?

o    Job or career issues Are you struggling to meet up with your schedules  and getting that promotin

o    Relationship issues with partner or children at home or colleagues at work

o    Build confidence: Are you finding that you are no longer able to do or even say no when you need to?

o    If any of the above

o    Manage time or stress

To find out more,  Book in  for  a FREE complimentary 30 minutes discussion withthe Life Coach.
CLICK HERE                                     


Coaching:  1-1 Coaching

                   Group coaching




Other Products:

       Keep fit

1-1   coaching for 3months- $1500; for 6months -$3000: for 12 months-$6000
Be assured; money will not be an issue!. It's 50% off for first 5 to register and start each month

Payment method- Monthly instalments at beginning of every month session
Make a full pay and get 20% discounts

Introduce 5 customers and get yours FREE.



Knowing us better

Grace is a Life Health and Wellness Coach and the founder of Elegra Health and Wellness.com and Author of the book:
 ‘Health and Wellness Blueprint’.

 With a passion to help people understand what it takes to transform their lives and live free from attracting unwanted chronic diseases already  mentioned above eg...heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis etc.and enjoy healthier and more fulfilling lives even as they advance into older age future years  and beyond.

 Grace has taken her professional and life experiences and packaged them into what will help you, particularly, the over 50s, to live healthier. You will, also find information or products that will help you to your desired health and wellness goals.

 Why should you work with Grace?

Grace is a retired nurse and community preventive health worker who during the early part of her retirement, discovered the secret to living free from chronic disease limitations and developed a passion to help others achieve the same. Grace trained, qualified and was awarded Personal Performance Development Diploma at The Coaching Academy London. So, now of greater help to her clients achieve their life health and wellness goals. She is also ordained and called to be Messenger of Reconciliation helping to call people back to the Love of God and Salvation.  On the internet she also helps to diseminate useful information or products.

How to work With Us

1.     A form  to make your request will help you identify and describe your problem.

2.   We meet by phone or Skype and have a strategic session to understand what you need and if we can work together and how?

3.   You register for the program and get a planed schedule for our working together.

In summary, You will be positioning yourself to enjoy improved wellness with reduced risk from: heart disease, heart attack, arthritis, hypertension, diabetes and the complications like amputations, blindness, kidney failure etc) and avoidable or premature deaths and limitations. And the opportunity to enhance your life in other ways.

Make an enquiry>>>You'll have a scheduled 30mins discovery session with the Life Coach >>> Choose your plan and be on your way to your transformation!

30 Days Money Back Guarantee:

Give it a good try by taking the necessary actions. If not satisfied with what you see within the first 30 days, send me an email and get your money back. However, you'll find that will not be necessary. 

How long further do you want to remain where you are?  This is time to take the first step to achieving your Goal

Act Now.CLICK HERE  and leave your details for the Coach to call you.OR

 CLICK HERE to BOOK For FREE enquiry Session.




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