• Start and end the day with your chosen routine/method of inspirational or motivational recitation: reading, listening, singing or prayer and meditation.
  • Drink a cup of water or tea in the morning; ensure at least 2-3 litres of fluids a day, preferably water.
  • Daily or weekly exercise programme or 30 minutes walk. Practice deep breathing periodically during the day. Remember your quick invigorating shower.



Follow the Christian journey towards a healthy Life-Style

Spirituality and Coaching

Coaching is known to be a process where stumbling blocks are converted into stepping stones and where each step you take brings you closer to the fulfilment of your desires and potentials.

Spirituality: The Bible reveals to us that there is a Creator and Controller of the whole universe. Life is a journey with a destination. Which Only God knows the way.

Challenges and some of our own choices or events, may hinder, delay, or alter the course, determine how, where and when we complete. How we manage these challenges will determine how and what the impact on our lives physically, emotionally and spiritually and can steer our lives to ensure a glorious end.  This requires the right information, guidance, decision, realistic plans and action- taking. Trust in God and on His help through prayer, focus and commitment.  Love God, self and others. Live a life of moderation, redeeming the time “Work while there is day ...night cometh (John 9:4).

A proverb of my people says E mee ngwa ngwa e meghara odachi.

“Nku onye kpatara na okochi ka o ga-anya  na-udu-mmiri”    English version.. ‘Make hay while the sun shines’.      

The journey of life is controlled by certain factors like opportunities’, chance, disease, suffering, environment, age etc; and influenced by knowledge or lack of it.etc.  We see this easily played out in the game Snakes and Ladders, where strategic events at any stage can influence the outcome of the game particularly events towards the end!

Prayer helps to control things. Other controlling factors can be motivation, need or hearts desires.

There are however, certain aspects of our lives we cannot leave to chance- Our bodies.

Our bodies are the temple of Gods spirit in us; and should be taken very good care of. God has left us instructions on how to manage our bodies regarding moderation, fasting, sharing etc. This will make it difficult to be overweight if we train ourselves as the sports man trains himself to win.

Spiritual alignment gives understanding of who you are, where you come from and where you are going to, and – for what purpose. It gives direction, guidance, enablement, focus, hope of reward, confidence, assurance of peace and above all, everlasting life with God.

 FOR God So loved 

 the world, that He

 gave His only begotten

son, that whosoever believeth

 in Him Should not Perish But

        Have everlasting life.-

                       (John 3:16)


Have you responded to the call of mercy?

 Today is the day of Salvation


                      Hear Ye Him.


                      Return To God


Pray: Heavenly Father, You are wonderful and excellent in your love for mankind and for me. I repent and come back to You. Thank You for the work of mercy through the sacrifice of Your Son Jesus Christ on the Cross of Calvary. Lord Jesus, I greet You and pray You to come into my heart and life. Forgive my sins, and deliver me from evil. Wash me with Your precious blood. Make me Yours, and abide with me always and unto eternity … Amen

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You can also get  help  from other Christian's and Christian literature for more clarity and support.



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